Hangxing Washing Machine Co., Ltd is a wholly foreign-owed enterprises located in Taizhou City ,a state-level developing city in the Yangze River Delta region. We are professionally manufacturing washing machine and laundry equipment which are widely used in hotels and restaurants and so on.
Automatic Eluting Machine
Name:φ1000-φ1200 Dehydration Machine;Type:φ1000-φ1200  Large image
φ1000-φ1200 Dehydration Machine

Name:φ1500-φ1800 Automatic Frequency Control of Dehydration;Type:φ1500-φ1800  Large image
φ1500-φ1800 Automatic Frequency Control of Dehydration

Name:φ500-φ600 Dehydration Machine (off-oil Machine);Type:φ500-φ600  Large image
φ500-φ600 Dehydration Machine (off-oil Machine)

Name:φ800 Dehydration Machine (off-oil Machine);Type:φ800  Large image
φ800 Dehydration Machine (off-oil Machine)

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