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First, reasons for opening a store
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1. People take a new acknowledgement of water washing. The majority consider that dry washing clothes are not cleaner than water washing and former are harm for clothes.

2. Lower cost. Generally speaking, water washing equipment is cheaper than that of dry washing machines.

3. Large market. More and more students in universities, community and single people would rather to buy washing machine for comfort and competitive products.

4. To some extent, this is actually the product of social division of labor and adaption of the modern fast-paced life development needs.

Second, proposals of investment

We should open our store in the target consumer group for people would not get their dirty clothes to remote areas. We can set the size of store according to the market situation. Investor should be aware of washing technologies and choose qualified water washing equipment.

Third, Marketing Strategy

In fact, in some foreign dramas, we have seen that the existence of washing shop as well as self-service one. Since different markets and consuming habits, we suggest opening fix store with professional people by hand for good. As service industry, service and quality and washing is very important. Damage to clothing will impact on business badly. Attention should be paid to conducting publicity, people will think of your store whether you are open or not. If conditions permit, you can open a leisure space for drinking and reading, transiting the process of waiting for clothes into enjoying a pastime, thus, providing a external increase for investors.

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