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The health care industry survey washing equipment
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Brought to you today is a tendency on the development of our industry, in particular the reports. The following is from the OPL (washing facilities occupied units) provided by the health care business washing facilities (including medical equipment and washing some of the old-age, maternal and child health care units such as washing facilities) to investigate the report, together with micro-economic analysis of the Philadelphia organization for washing equipment over the past 20 years The statistics, as well as observation in February 2003 to April of the latest information about the results of the analysis. The survey consists of two steps: the first step is taken from the washing equipment industry, health care, management organizations and other sectors 40-50 Q & A interview conducted, in the form of questionnaires; second Step is a summary of some of the data, mainly the United States summary of the data in the health sector, medical institutions, international health survey report of the International Organization of care survey, residential cleaning survey data, the annual summary of the modern health care, the U.S. health care WHO (AHCA) over the years, 'Population Census and economic analysis of the general comparison chart. ' The ultimate aim of the project through a series of data found that health-related industries washing industry trends, which also includes indoor and outsourcing market space, the value can be recovered and the use of health-care industry, such as the relationship between the various indicators. Here are our first two steps of a comprehensive analysis of the data received information: scrubbing the health care industry equipment Key words: size of the industry and old-age points OPL, the care sector: 18,000 piece of equipment, beds 2,000,000 - 78% OPL. Welfare: 36,000 piece of equipment, 1,100,000 beds - accounting for 90% OPL. (The department's use of the number of washing equipment has been the growth trend is expected in the future will have an annual 3-8 percent growth rate.) Hospital (emergency department, inpatient, mental hospital, the hospital): 6, Taiwan, 100,000 beds - accounting for 18% OPL. Washing health experts have pointed out that health care for the health sector, to reduce the amount of washing equipment expenditures, the best way to minimize the inventory backlog. A general hospital best suited to the size of the stock for 40, while the number of hospitals has reached 600. LTC long-term medical care (including care, benefits, retirement pension sector) washing equipment trends: the use of recyclable and can be used even though some departments have been aware of the mattress and the like items can re-use, but it does not Washing detergent and chemical equipment, the purchase of much impact. 80% of the space sector does not exist the problem of lack of space, a lot of washing facilities are located in the suburbs. Outsourcing not the case. Hospital this is the case. There are a small part of the welfare agencies outsourcing some of the wallpaper and the like, because they do not have iron. There are also private purchase of equipment for washing. Washing most of the staff welfare institutions washing business from LTC staff to play. As well as small household cleaning equipment is the cleaning operation will be able to take into account. LTC typical device the size of the different equipment, carrying capacity from 55 pounds to 135 pounds range. Welfare assistance to welfare agencies, many of the equipment came from the contributions of local residents, personal equipment, washing equipment, 95% of the buyers are private, they buy the equipment, or to local residents washing, or cleaning for the family. So a lot of washing equipment companies in the development of more ordinary families to use the washing machine and dry cleaning. Prospects appear to affect the price and the staff is washing its future long-term care in the health sector in the hands and feet show the most important factor. For this reason, equipment manufacturers task is to continue to join the price war, increase productivity, lower prices. However, there are a lot of anti-mentioned persons, so that wash into the family, it is imperative. Note: OPL many hospitals to share health facilities, so sometimes we talk about the OPL refers to the sharing of these facilities occupy the flats. Co-OP hospital is the hospital is equipped with its own health facilities, not for profit, usually by the specialized agencies.
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