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Chinese propaganda machine washing Center received worries for the people
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Chinese washing machine network Beijing on December 22: Yesterday, Dongcheng District, Beijing, the city of lights I Miss Cao of the West dry cleaners with a banner: 'King Kong love, worries for the people' and happily came to the Chinese washing machine Information center of China's washing machine for her advocacy center, said most grateful for the help. In October of this year, Miss Cao in Beijing near the West three-ring Caihu Ying, a sales company bought a 'clean game' brand dry cleaning solvent oil, use less than half a month, it frequently fails, down half a month, Not only did not make any money but a guarantee to pay compensations customers more than 3000 yuan of money. Miss Cao search on the Internet to the Chinese washing machine network to find a Chinese washing machine and advocacy center, verified 'clean game' brand of machines did not undergo any testing sector, when they buy machines to detect Miss Cao's report is false , Miss Cao efforts to return the entire washing equipment and recommended by the Center for the purchase of a dry-cleaning equipment, oil products, 'Silver Star' brand dry-cleaning machine oil.
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