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New dyeing finishing strong demand for machinery
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Many varieties of textile categories, printing and dyeing and finishing of the ever-changing technology, mechanical products and how to adapt to technology, around a variety of printing and dyeing fabrics and finishing technology, organizational development and production of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and several significant, CNC's printing and dyeing finishing machinery imminent.
At present, the market needed a variety of high-performance, energy saving, environmental protection, small liquor ratio of fabric dyeing machine, knitted fabric dyeing machine, yarn dyeing machine and its matching yarn, fabric dryer. Many varieties of dyeing machine, uses many different technical parameters, but also the same principle, printing and dyeing machinery products must be closely integrated with the requirements of dyeing, the machine itself to do a good job to do fine, bring it into conformity with the requirements of the process.
Printing fabric, as well as finishing equipment, automatic network system equipment, digital printing equipment, heat transfer printing process equipment, printing and dyeing industry are urgently needed. Very popular on the international water treatment technologies dyeing, printing version of the non-technology, micro-suspension dyeing and finishing technology, plasma processing technology, bio-processing technologies and environment-friendly dyes, additives, the development and application of slurry have to be new Printing and dyeing machinery products to adapt.
Development, development and production of much-needed business of printing and dyeing waste water, waste gas treatment and recycling technology and equipment for dyes, auxiliaries of the recovery process and equipment, to solve the environmental problems the industry to promote sustainable development is of great significance, but also broad Market.
Printing and dyeing to improve the level of integration of mechanical and electrical machinery, printing and dyeing process research and development of a variety of parameters to control on-line detection devices, textile machinery industry is also a top priority.
The fabric dyeing and finishing techniques are complex, involving textile products, technology, dyes, additives, equipment, utilities of gas, water management and many areas of equipment is an important aspect of efforts on various fronts to raise the level of . In the rapid development of new technologies, small liquor ratio dyeing, water stain, no version of the printing and efficient pre-processing and finishing technology diversification, Gao Danghua, printing and dyeing machinery for the new demands. Serve as a process of mechanical products, it is necessary to meet the needs of development and production process to open up the market.
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