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The use of laundry PCE is really harmful to human right
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PCE as a dry-cleaning solvents have been used in 70 years. Since more than 100 years ago invented dry cleaning methods have been used by a variety of dry cleaning solvent: such as gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethene, trifluoromethyl trichloro ethane, and so on. The PCE is the use of the longest dry cleaning solvent. However, the PCE is still a certain toxicity. As a result, many of the world's countries on the PCE gas in the working environment of concentration to allow the relevant provisions. To allow its scope in 25PPM-50PPM, as China's 27PPM, in accordance with national laws and regulations, all use of PCE dry cleaning machines must be in accordance with the request. Funai Te system is used in the production of non-Italian horse gram for the whole closed-end PCE dry cleaning machines, all the indicators in line with relevant European standards in the work, the PCE emission standards only in the following 5PPM completely Can rest assured that the use of security.
At the same time, the European standard also requires: closed-end machines to wash clothes per kg of PCE consumption is not more than 20 grams, after drying clothes after the PCE residues naturally a little.

In Europe, Australia, North America PCE dry cleaning machines still have 3 / 4 ratio. <> laws and regulations promulgated in 2001: the January 31, 2007, and its own 56,570-Taiwan PCE dry-cleaning machine must meet the requirements of European standards. Funai Te system and all the dry cleaning machines have reached this standard.
It is common knowledge that alcohol is a toxic solvent, the human consumption of alcoholic beverages containing tens of thousands of species, and the vast majority of alcohol poisoning because people will not have control, did not exceed the limits of the poison, which Will not be poisoned.

In the last decade organizing the Olympic Games in Atlanta (United States), Barcelona (Spain), Sydney? (Australia) and Athens (Greece) are PCE dry cleaning as the main method of washing, serving the General Assembly. Because of their use of PCE is a closed dry-cleaning machine, so attentive to the security service, which was well received.
The normal operation of the entire closed-end machine that will not be excessive emissions, but some of the lack of strict management of the laundry, resulting in the occurrence of machines run by bit to take the phenomenon. At this point the work of cleaning the site would be excessive concentrations of PCE, have a negative impact on staff.

China's major cities since the 1985 introduction of a comprehensive PCE Dry Cleaning has been in 20 years, there has not been found in the normal use of PCE Dry Cleaning staff of the disease emerged in the case of disability. Strengthen the management and maintenance of machines from time to time to ensure a healthy functioning of the state; the right to use reasonable Tetrachlorethylene; allow machines to carry overload; is to protect not PCE emissions over the premise. Not only safe working environment, but also be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Select the entire closed-end machines to a firm grip on the PCE residual emissions and control of PCE is to the human body an effective means of influence.
State Environmental Protection Agency on April 12, 1996 approved on January 1, 1997 to start the implementation of the comprehensive air pollution emission standards (GBI16297-1996) provides 33 kinds of air pollution emission limits, out of which the first 03 pollutants is The total non-methane hydrocarbons. At present, the most widely used hydrocarbon solvent (that is, solvent oil) is a type of material. The standards require that the maximum allowable emissions from sources such as the concentration of 20.3PPM. In this standard, solvent oil, of course, belong to the sources of pollution in the atmosphere. At present, the use of the 'oil-dry' is the most open in the laundry-dry cleaning machines, such machines to be unable to meet relevant national standards.
As a result, petroleum solvent dry cleaning machines can only be closed the entire selection of models, but in China, which closed oil solvent dry cleaning machines that only 10 or so, and the Funai Te companies accounted for four of them.

The forthcoming 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, including the laundry industry, the majority of the service industry employees will be Hi-tech Olympics, environmental protection and Olympic Games, the spirit of the People's Olympics, the heart and soul into it to meet the Chinese people look forward to the event for a long time.
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