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Lotion will not harm the health of the consumer
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American Association of Scientists and health at present, according to the latest report concluded: PCE in liquid PCE (also known as perc or PCE) in the use of conventional level, will not cause harm to human health.
Some radical people often warn consumers, in the dry cleaning of clothes to wear after the former, it must complete its drying to remove residue on the clothes of the PCE. 'With regard to PCE in the scientific facts' mentioned in the article: dry cleaning, and dry cleaners in the vicinity of the residence will have an adverse inference health, consumers have no need to worry about.
That in the dry cleaning harmful to health, according to its toxicity, as well as the possibility of cancer, the test data derived from a new report. PCE exceeded those in the working environment of the people will feel nausea, headache, dizziness, but the routine does not appear above the level of symptoms.
PCE that would cause cancer of the main conclusions from this kind of research data, that is, living life in the PCE over the circumstances of the mother rats suffering from liver cancer will, the public will suffer from a rat renal cell carcinoma. In fact, it is important that human and animal teeth for the entire class of vinyl chloride produced by metabolism is different. Epidemiological research data do not support the conclusions of PCE cancer, especially consumers in low concentrations under the conditions of its use.
Some government agencies in the investigation PCE-related hazards arising from the possibility, that to a certain extent, there will not be against the PCE. Most have been completed through the analysis of the data showed that the PCE that will bring the public against the accused is not accurate.
American Science and Health Association, Elizabeth Whelan, said: 'Through careful analysis of scientific data, the PCE will not cause harm to the public.'
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